Duck Parade 2017

As many of you may have heard by now, we were honored with a special guest in our courtyard this spring. A female Mallard Duck decided that Arcola was a wonderful safe shelter in which to lay her eggs! The issue is that the only way for her to walk the ducklings outside, was through the building.

We decided to look at this as an adventure rather than as a problem. We started with a story-time with Dr. Shamanoff in the gym. She read "Make Way for Ducklings" to the entire school. The students were then shown a short video clip of another school that had a duck hatch her eggs in an inside courtyard as well. We watched the parade through the school. The students thought that was amazing.

We then showed the students some pictures of our courtyard, the mother duck, and the baby chicks. They were very excited about trying our very own duck parade through Arcola Elementary. We were given directions from the DNR and did indeed celebrated our very own duck parade. The day was a huge success. We hope she returns next year!

Check out the Northwest News article on line. Northwest News (Louis Wyatt) did a wonderful article about the morning. (

Check out the video below filmed by Zach Elder. Full screen version available by sliding the scroll bar to the right and clicking full screen box.