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Arcola Elementary is a small school with a strong family feel. We are a K-5th grade building with 180 students. We follow the NACS curriculum, while also focusing on becoming a STEAM school. (Purposeful concentration on science, technology, engineering, arts and math.)


Arcola Elementary is an essential part of this community. We keep our mission in mind each day and work toward the common goals of strength of character, individual talents, and academic excellence. It is our hope that these are apparent both within our building as well as out in our community.


The focus on life-lines and character education is evident through our common language throughout the building. It is through lessons, discussion, announcements, monthly Eagle Extravaganzas, and modeling, that our school family encourages the life-lines that we feel are so important for a healthy, balanced life. We are reminded daily to do the right thing and treat people right.


We work to give each student a variety of opportunities in which to share and develop their individual talents. These opportunities are visible through differentiated projects, the curriculum showcase, integrated Arts education, LEGO League, student performances, presentation skills, after school PACE classes, choir, band, etc. It is through various experiences that we hope our students are able to find their own true passions in life.


Academic excellence is at the forefront of everything we do. It is our belief that the elementary years form the foundation for a life-long journey of learning! The staff spends much time in collaborating and aligning the curriculum in order to set this solid foundation to our students.

Kate Johanningsmeier, Principal
Phone:  260-625-3161, ext. 5502

Amy Saleh, Guidance Counselor
Phone:  260-625-3161, ext. 5503

Kim Barroquillo, Secretary/Treasurer
Phone:  260-625-3161, ext. 5501

Teresa Fuhrman, Attendance Secretary
Phone:  260-625-3161, ext. 5500

Brenda Jones, School Nurse
Phone:  260-625-3161, ext. 5504

SCRIP order forms are due by 9:00 AM on Mondays. 

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